wedding no. 3, 2008 – madeli and rick

I know, it’s a little late to start updating my 2008 weddings.  Febtober (Febraury in Sean Connery speak ) of 2009 is almost over, and I have lots to upload.  So if you are reading this for the first time since last summer…get a cup of coffee and hunker down to see what I have been up to.

Madeli and Rick.  Big production.  Cuban bride.   Eastern Indian Groom.  Downtown Los Angeles.  Two very different ceremonies.  Yes, dual ceremonies.  One Roman Catholic, and one Hindu.  12 hours total.  Time to ditch my system of carrying two camera bodies on my shoulders. More on this later. This was a special wedding for me.  The first Hindu wedding I have ever shot.  Before that, I have never even attended a Hindu wedding.  For those who haven’t, never turn down an invitation if you are offered one.  You are in for a spectacular treat that will reward the eyes and ears.  Madeli and Rick were awesome.  The stresses that come with weddings never even phased them.  Rick laughed or shrugged off every thing that came his way.  The horse was late for his procession, and he was ready to “wing it” without it.  Madeli, sincere and sweet and ever so patient with us demanding photogs that sent them through the ringer.

There were formal family shots and B&G romantics after each ceremony.  God bless those two for being champs about that.  Oh, by the way…it was 112 degrees that day.  And humid, really humid.  We are talking New York humid.

On to the pics.


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