New Logo, New Business Card, New Campaign

Drumroll please….after much thought, procrastination, a ton of help (thanks Brianna Coggeshall’s Design Studio), and more procrastination, all is here.  There are a few more kinks to work out, but for the most part it’s ready to make it’s debut.

Okay, you may have noticed the new banner.  It snuck it’s way up there a bit earlier.  Thank goodness.  The last attempt was put together in a bit of a rush.

For all the secrets and insight into how Brianna and I came up with this “look”.  Click for more after the “break”.    To leave well enough alone, just don’t click.

So after much thought, I came to the conclusion that I need professional help.  Yes, in more ways than one.  However Brianna could only provide the professional help in regards to logo design and the like.  However, an idea was needed to get the creative forces at work.

I thought long and hard, and found out I what I really like.  She selected my interests as a theme, and she came up with a page full of proposals.  They ranged from very good to completely awesome.  Even though there were lots of great choices, one kept on pulling me back every time I tried to look at another.   After a quick email, Brianna went to work on the full size, vectored image with the color selection and typeface ready to go.

Once I recieved the files, I quickly got around to working on all the banners, business cards and the like.   A little bit of color cast, textures and PS layers brought the look.  For those who are the experts in graphics design, it will be easy to tell what inspired this.

There are a few more things to do.  The logo that gets stamped on all my web posted images is still undergoing some final touches, but hopefully everyone likes it.

As always, please comment!!!


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