e-session: Christy and Jason

First of all….mucho thanks to Beth.  Not only did she pair the couple, she also talked Christy into having me shoot their engagement session, and she helped us all afternoon.  Probably one of the more adventurous outings as far engagements sessions go.

After booking the day, we had some time to think of some locations.  Orange County has a huge variety to offer as far locations and “looks” go.  Urban settings are almost non-existent.  And it’s hard to get a variety of these “looks” all in close driving distance.  We had to pick something that just plain rocked.  We had to look no further than Crystal Cove.  Nestled near the Pacific Coast Highway and the beach, it offers views of rolling hills, tide pools, crashing waves and cottages that are movie worthy for their picturesque look.

We later went to Newport Pier at Newport Beach for some sunset photos.  Afterward, Beth and I were treated to Portebello burgers and gourmet fries at Christy and Jason’s inviting abode.

As always, click for more after the “break” next to the picture.

Tide pools and Crystal Cove

To see much more, Click Here.


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