Finally – Rachel and Keith

After several business trips, I finally get to post these.  I couldn’t wait to come back home and sort through and pick a few pics to throw on thee ol’ blog.

There are many reasons why this wedding is special to me.  But the main reason is that Rachel is a good friend of mine.  We all miss her since she moved, but everyone is elated every time she visits.

On top of that, almost everything went perfect.  The location was simply awesome, all weekend I got to hang out with my good friends, Ben and Dan. On top of that, I saw a few folks I don’t get to see that often.

The only slight downside to the weekend was the harsh lighting.  Fortunately, some covered areas were able to provide a bit of diffused lighting.  There was still a need for some direct sunlight photos, but I think they turned out great.

Not enough room here to post them all…but the link to the gallery is at the bottom.

Click here to enter the gallery, or click any pic above.


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