A little about me:

I have been involved with photography since 1995. After borrowing an old manual focus Minolta SLR, and a FD series Canon SLR from my parents, my interests in photography quickly grew.

These days, it’s all about SLR’s with digital CMOS sensors paired with highly corrective lenses. It is very rewarding to be involved in photography at this point.

After focusing my interests in weddings and portraits, I quickly networked with a few seasoned professionals that now work for high end studios or own a successful business of their own.

I now work for Harvard Photography. Based in Sante Fe Springs, CA, it’s a wedding photography studio that prides itself in quality and excellent customer service. I am very thankful for the opportunities they have given me.

Last year, I focused on the wedding photography experience. Something that nobody will ever stop learning from. There is always something new. I also decided to use the images for my own post production work and self-promotion. My 2007 wedding images are very experimental in regards to the image editing. I needed hours to find my own ‘look and feel’ to the images, and I need (and still need) practice on the rich features that modern image editing software provides.

2008 is a refinement on presentation, and finalizing post production work. Several goals have to be met by the end of the year. They include: refined image editing with professional results, professional quality color management on all aspects of the workflow, more lessons from every wedding, more portrait work, including hired models, album production, and self-assigned projects to keep my photography skills in check.

Thank you for showing interests in FlashandShow.com


Chaz Konkle

-legal notice-

All images that are branded “Harvard Photography” are copyrighted by Harvard Photography (harvardphotography.com)

Please obey all U.S. and International copyright laws.

Images by Harvard Photography are generously granted certain promotional rights to their photographers.  They are not for sale by print or by digital transfer.  They are for viewing only.

thank you.


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