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Boda Dry – Is it the gear bag for me?

How to carry camera gear?  The question on every wedding photographer’s mind.  And it’s something they ask themselves again after each season.  Some have their perfect system, others struggle.  Let’s discuss some of the many ways how the pros do that after the break.

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Monitor Calibration – Huey Pro impressions – updated

After returning from the print lab, the images came out stunning. Very true in color, and with the same vibrancy I was looking at on the displays.

However, even though the monitor is in near perfect calibration; you need to experience a print from a quality lab if you haven’t done so in a while. If you miss the ‘film’ feel from a digital SLR, just print a few to get that feeling back.

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Monitor Calibration – Huey Pro first impressions

Over the weekend, I broke down and bought a Pantone Huey Pro. The install is really easy and brief, and the first calibration for the displays went by smoothly.  The nice thing is the multi-monitor support.  Simply calibrate one monitor, and drag the Huey Pro app to the other monitor and start again.