e-session: Amber and Jeremy

Jeremy is a long time resident of Orange.  We decided to shoot this outing in his own town only a couple of blocks from his cool house.  One of the funnest couples I have been around, Jeremy is a cigar aficionado, Amber is an aficionado-tolerant.  I am not sure what that means.  I just made it up.

In all seriousness, this is one awesome couple with a cool kid in the mix.  And their wedding can only be ridiculously awesome.

As always, click “more” for more pics.  And enter the gallery here.

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Southwest by…Southwest

There is no sense of irony when taking a trip to see the folks in the Southwest.  Even if flying in a Southwest 737.  Besides the holiday occurrences and festivities, there was still some other things to see.  There was a beautiful ranch now operated by the King’s Kids.  King’s Kids is a place where the youngsters can have fun doing the western sort of things.  It’s a great place for photography.  And I am not alone in that thought.  Dozens of artists, painters, photographers and even movie productions make it down there every year.

Later it was a trip to Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico.  On the way there was a peak that was begging for a picture.

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How much “art” is in photography?

We all know that photography falls under the arts when fitting the term into categories.  However, if anybody liked my work as a photographer, I would be taken back a bit if I heard the heard the word artist used in any description of me. I do have a creative bug in me, but it’s not the same as someone that can draw, paint, or sculpt.

Since art is so loose of a term, let’s call it something else.  Magic.  We often call things beyond our understanding, magic.  

I call stuff beyond explanation, magic.  

How much art magic is in my images?  None.  

I have a confession.  It’s all technical.  It’s pragmatic, it’s ideal and it’s logical.  

We photographers try with all our might to convey an emotion in a 2D image.  An image that doesn’t have sound, doesn’t move, completely dumb and lifeless in itself.  And yet, people expect magic.  We give it to them.  Even if it means staying up until the late hours with bloodshot eyes, caffeine jitters and several curse words. 

It means cleaning up clutters, acne, distracting backgrounds, taking out a hotspot, easing up the shadows.  Then it’s the mood elements.  Colors, contrast, soften/sharpen, etc.

Blue means somber, sad, melancholy.  Increased contrast means drama.  I could go on.  But there are psychologists and others that have PhD’s permanently attached to their name that figured this out a long time ago.  It’s all about the human eye gravitating towards something in a consistent manner.

Totally technical, totally not magical.

I’m not saying it’s all done here, in front of the computer.  Because it really starts at the shutter button.  Composition, exposure, blah blah blah.  We all know that.

But no matter how much progress I make when finding the magic, it’s going to kick my ass.  Repeatedly.

Preview – Sophia and Peter

Guy with camera is in there.  But he also makes a wonderful light bulb.  🙂

Love you Peter and Sophia.

Trip to New Orleans

I have been assigned to a project in Loiusiana that will last a few weeks.  A few of us snuck across the “causeway” to New Orleans on a Saturday.  To sum it up, it’s a big, giant tourist trap.  But what the heck, it was fun.  The French Quarter was bigger than I tought.  I actually thought it was a monetary piece about the size of our 25 cent coin.

Just kidding.

For more click, “more” on the link below the first pic.

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Finally – Rachel and Keith

After several business trips, I finally get to post these.  I couldn’t wait to come back home and sort through and pick a few pics to throw on thee ol’ blog.

There are many reasons why this wedding is special to me.  But the main reason is that Rachel is a good friend of mine.  We all miss her since she moved, but everyone is elated every time she visits.

On top of that, almost everything went perfect.  The location was simply awesome, all weekend I got to hang out with my good friends, Ben and Dan. On top of that, I saw a few folks I don’t get to see that often.

The only slight downside to the weekend was the harsh lighting.  Fortunately, some covered areas were able to provide a bit of diffused lighting.  There was still a need for some direct sunlight photos, but I think they turned out great.

Not enough room here to post them all…but the link to the gallery is at the bottom.

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Preview: Rachel and Keith

Traveled up to Goleta.  Just outside of Santa Barbra, CA for an awesome wedding.

Here is a brief glimpse….