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Preview – Roxanna and Charles


This will be my first WordPress post from their mobile app. Specifical, Android.
I knew this wedding was going to rock. These folks are my roommates and my good friends.
Any further validation of this event kicking ass was done by simply driving there. The event location: Los Olivos, CA. The drive: the scenic Hwy 101, Hwy 154, and Figueroa Mountain Road. Beautiful day, great excitement in the air. Here is a pic to gander out while I furiously edit the barrage of images I captured that day.


Khloe at the park

For a Happy Mother’s Day, Khloe gave her best for the camera.  It was a great day at Eisenhower Park in Orange, CA.  Weather was perfect, plenty of people enjoying their day.  There were several weddings doing their group shots, and later in the day we got to relax by doing a little fishing.

As always, click for more pics after the “break”.

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Khloe – Branded.

After noticing some of the full rez pictures of Khloe didn’t do so well when displayed on the web, I made a few adjustments.
Also, my logo makes it’s  first appearance.

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Meet Khloe – Preview.

This is Khloe, cute daughter of my cousin Melissa and her husband Alex.  There is more to come.   We got a lot of shots, and there is a lot to go through.  Stay tuned.